Some thoughts about 100% Ichigo

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Some thoughts about 100% Ichigo

Post by hearea » Fri Apr 04, 2008 11:40 am

I really love and enjoy this manga a very lot and it leaves in me many impressions even after having finished it for a long time. Although Im not sure what impresses me most, but i was really moved by the love confessing scenes in this series: Junpei and Tsukasa's pull ups, Aya's while acting and when she did it for late, also Satsuki's running one.

But firsl of all, let me share some opinions about Toujou. I like her very much, but sometimes i was a bit mad at her, for although she had enough conditions to be confident: cute, smart and sharing a dream with Junpei, she was too shy and took no action in their relationship at all. Even Nishino herself knew that she'd not have a chance if Aya were to confess to Junpei a litter ealier, at least before chaper 142. Well, it's just her personality not to take the first step and it's not her fault to wait for Junpei also, so um, maybe something was meant to be just that way, maybe the mangaka thinks so too.

I feel sorry for her as every time she tried to confess to Manaka , there always was something to disturb them. The only time she succeeded was at the beach, but, pitifully, they were acting at the time, so it didnt count, because as u know, Jun didnt understand girls much and he was kinda afraid that she's too good for him, like before. The second time she did that, well, it's like in vain, even she knew that herself. She knew that it was too late, that Jun'd reject her, yet she did. She wasnt hoping for anything to change, she just did that so at least she'd have nothing to regret ... i think maybe because of her passive personality, she kinda had that syndrome, the one like people who are afraid of being successful, in love, at least. It's not like i want to to criticise her, but it's partly because she and Manaka too were too heisitative that they wasted such a beautiful love, and it kills me everytime i re-read this manga, it's like a pain in the chest.

Although she and Jun were fated for each other, but to Jun, he didnt know how to choose, while to Aya, she knew exactly the one she loved, yet ... well, let's say it in a simple way, she had fate, but she didnt put enough effort, effort to be true to her feeling.

Contrast to Aya is Satsuki, who didnt have fate, but tried her best to make Jun love her. well, at least she succeeded in becoming Jun's best buddy, if only she were a guy. But i think Aya'd learn a lot from her: how she got rejected and yet continued following her heart to love Junpei. Her confession to Jun while running, well, it's just like her. Dared to admit her love, yet felt shy at the same time so she had to run away, it's really Satsuki like. Although there're times when she tried to seduce Junpei, but i still think she's a bright and lovable girl.

As for Nishino, well, she's like, standard. I mean, of course she higher than that, she has what it takes to be an idol and most guys love her type, but she's really more balance than the other girls in the relationship with Junpei. She wasnt bound by fate to Jun as much as Aya, nor she tried to express herself as much as Satsu did neither. She kept things inside her too, but when the time came to make a move, she did.

Besides, i think the most memorable scene in 100% Ichigo was the doing pull up confession one.

Actually, at first Junpei's confession to Tsukasa wasnt very special because he barely had any feeling for Tsukasa, but when Nishino did the same to Junpei, it was very, very touching to me. For a girl like her to do that much, it's obvious that Junpei had become very important to her, im sure his decision's made at that time. Well, it was Toujo's idea at first to confess doing sport, so if it was her who did that, maybe Jupei'd have chosen her instead. Then again, she'd not do such thing. Just doesnt suite her, i think.

The ending was pretty satisfying, i think. Things went well with eveyone. Yet, it left in me a ,um, feeling that perhaps it'd be much happier if Aya Toujo could be together with Junpei - although i prefer Tsukasa , besides, it's not hard to tell she still treasures Junpei.

But, you know, life goes on no matter what, so If their story were to continue, as time goes by, it'll take love away. You know, love usually doesnt last longer than two years, so, even though Jun and Tsu's love were strong, as it took them six years to be together and they match each other well, but as they were about 22, there's still a possibility that after a few years of passionate love, because of their careers or sort, they'd break up again. And if Jun has more chances to cooperate in making film with Aya, it's not surprising that they'll end up being together too.

um, but if Jun could make film about pastry together with Tsu like Yakitate, then maybe they'd have a common dream as well :D

Finally, it's something about this manga's main character, Manaka Junpei. Although it's said he's just a decent guy , but i think, he's a very good and a lot better than average guys. Sure, when compare such characters like: Osuka, Amachi or Higure, Junpei looks bad and all, but other than those few, he's better than the rest. Although he wasnt strong nor good at studying, he had lucks and guts. He had good personality too. Being loved by lots of beautiful girls didnt make him thnk high of himself, and he didnt try to take advantage of them either. On top of that, he had a dream. Not many people do nowadays, you know. So, i say it's not unbelievable that he's loved so dearly by that many girls. But, in the end, it's not like he's the only good guy around, so the girls can still fall in love again and live happily with the ones they love later. So, i think there's no need to feel sorry for Satsuki or others.

Oh, and by the way, i think this manga's most interesting character is Sotomura. And, dont you think he resembles L Lawliet from Deathnote? They are both very smart and weird from appearance to personality. As you know, before being sent to Watari's place, L had been through something terrible that made him being only interested in sweet and solving crimes, as it was the only thing he could do. If he were to live normally under conditions like Sotomura, i wonder if L would become a pervert too? :D

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