Doesn't the ending to this manga...

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Re: Doesn't the ending to this manga...

Post by AMACHI » Sat Mar 28, 2009 10:06 pm

one of my friend just finished reading ichigo last week...
and he told me that he doesn't like the ending. then he obliterated it.
i guess we got one more ppl who hate this manga because of the ending xD

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Re: Doesn't the ending to this manga...

Post by AyaToujo » Wed Apr 01, 2009 8:19 pm

lol good for us

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Re: Doesn't the ending to this manga...

Post by Micha » Tue Jan 10, 2012 5:42 pm

How comes, some topics in human life proceed in all generations? Three years of silence on this topic, I wonder, if somebody will nowadays read my writing, but I need to talk to even thinking people to handle my inner soul chaos.

Just now I finished reading the most beautiful and emotionally exhausting Manga, I have ever read. I'm from Germany and the funny thing is, to be able to read this Manga, I always had to wait, till it was avaiable in the US. So this Manga and most likely all of them are sorrounding the world first to reach me here. Just like Manaka, who needed to travel throughout the whole world to find the fitting scenery to create based on Toujos Skript the best ever seen film.
But this intention seems to be the solid ground of the dream, which was in the beginning of the Manga shared by Manaka and Toujo. Only a dream of individual and private success, not lead by love to reach both of them. It seems, that love was the movens behind Toujos imagination from the very beginning. The first novel she wrote has to be that perfect, that Manaka recognized it - but without Toujo knowing Mankaka at this time! Eventually this is a reason, why Manaka in the end returns to Nishino. (By the way, wasn't anybody wondering, that Manaka rhymes to Baka?) And for sure, most of the characters followed their dreams, only Manaka turned in a cycle and in the retrospective, he was kind of a catalysator for the girls development.
He is the only reason, why all girls suffered pain, because of his indecisioness. It is a real pain to know, that this story has to come to this end and in the age of 26 I am right know, becoming a male teacher for higher schools for german philology, I can't hold my feelings to feel sorry to all of the girls, which were doomed to be in love with this Baka. I'am thinking about to use this incredible Manga for my teaching, because the quintessence is: Be worthy to be lived, but in first state, be gentle and deep to the heard honest with girls, who could fall in love with you. Wouldn't have Manaka waited this long and appreciated the attention of these unspeakable beautiful girls, many hearts wouldn't have been broken that bad and caused me and hopefully other readers that pain, which is only known from reallife getting dumped by somebody you love.
Right now I'm suffering pain, that is caused by fictional charakters in a modern literature, which is not even up to 25% in german minds, if you ask them about modern literature and far eastern, esp. Manga. The special thing about a manga is, as philologist said, that it reaches deeper emotions, than the blank written word. The expressions on Toujos face were the worst, because if she was crying, I felt sad like an helpless guy, who can't go inside the manga an give her support. Afterwards I tried to compare it with literature of my studies and all of the greatest poets from the last 200 years couldn't match up with Ichigo 100%.

Affected and impacted by this Manga, I will read furthermore mangas and will definitely tell my puplis about this unknown treasure of pure hearts. What are the following mangas of Mizuki Kawashita? Are they really compareable to Ichigo 100%? Do I have to endure more pain, by reading the other mangas? In the past I already read Ranma 2 1/2 and it had an emotional effect too, but Ichigo 100% has given me the emotional overflow error.

The main question is: How can I ever forget about these girls, these pain? I think, there could be a possibility, that right now I'm loosing my mind. It is kind of ironic, that after spending my whole life on literature, especially in 6 years of study, my reallife got influenced by the fictional life of this unbeatable manga.

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Re: Doesn't the ending to this manga...

Post by darkpheng » Fri Apr 13, 2012 11:20 am

The author already tell the ending of the story when Manaka went to the old theater where he see a film. Also it said in Aya's story too, where the Guy go to the princess instead of the other woman. If you read the manga carefully there are clues in it. Like I will say the begining tells the end. But I'm very disappointed at the end. I would prefer Aha but I get why he chose the pastry girl. Also the a hint saying that Manaka will be with aya when the time have come. Aha say that she'll wait for Manaka when the movie is made with a smile. But is just my opinion. Sad but lovely ending.

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Re: Doesn't the ending to this manga...

Post by AMACHI » Fri Oct 11, 2013 1:21 am

i'm surprised to know that this forum is still alive... even though the last post was more than a year ago...

i have read your post. :)

it's been 7 years since the last time i read this manga... and to this day... i still feel the sadness. the pain still occasionally coming back even until now. :oops:
now i say to myself, i should have never read this manga from the start so i wouldn't get hurt. i still can't understand why a manga can make feel this way... :roll:
i really want to send an email to the author to consider making an alternative ending for each girls, so all the brokenhearted readers including us can feel better. but i only managed to get her japan post address... i couldn't find her email.

btw, i heard recently this manga has been re-released with new cover art in japan...

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