Question about Greedy Lips Chapter

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Question about Greedy Lips Chapter

Post by kas1065 » Tue Apr 29, 2008 2:48 am

Just a quick question about on of the segments in this chapter.Towards the end when Nishino salutes Junpei and she says I may be like this but, please take care of me. Does anybody understand why she is saluting and saying this?


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Re: Question about Greedy Lips Chapter

Post by grand_moron100% » Mon Jun 09, 2008 12:40 pm

Hmm...I myself don't really get that part too.

But after a long thought, maybe she said that because even though people look at her(Nishino) as kind, cute(!) and calm teenage girl, she herself is a human, and each human have GREED. She's saluting Manaka perhaps someday she knew that she'll ask more from him.

That's my $, a crappy one though.
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Re: Life on the road map does not

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