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Question About Anime & OVA

Post by kas1065 » Thu Apr 17, 2008 1:54 am

One thing I would like to find out is if one of you guys can help me with this. Is the series that I can watch on You Tube the same as the series that is sold in Japan "6 DVD's $50.00 Each". I have noticed in later chapters they are only about 10 min. long as opposed to the usual 22 to 25 min long segments. Does it also have the same ending that is on You Tube where Junepi asks Nishino to be in his movie? If so than I am very disappointed with the way they ended this anime series! It is not even half way through the actual Manga series. My next question is is about the OVA #1 where they are actually doing the film shoot with Nishino. At the end when Manaka Junepi ask Nishino what she wished for and she gave her response and Junepi smiled and walked away from her to join the others and she said something about this being a good place to tie a ribbon. Does anybody know what that means or what she is trying to say?


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Re: Question About Anime & OVA

Post by AyaToujo » Sun Jan 18, 2009 4:57 am

yes its the same thing, just every episode is like 10min and there is 24ep's

so u saw 12 right?

so in every 1 ep that u saw there was 2ep's if u understand, 1ep 20min = 2ep 10min each

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